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Joséphine offers you her catering menu, perfect for your professional or personal events!

cheese board
gratinated cannelloni
delicatessen platter

Trust us with your project

Joséphine can accompany you for all types of events: corporate catering, wedding catering, birthdays, baptisms, communions, and many others.

We can also provide you with quality service.

Merci pour votre envoi !

To make your mouth water...

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Board composed of an assortment of artisanal charcuterie from Maison Sibilia and bread from Maison Antoinette

Board composed of an assortment of mature cheeses, and bread from Maison Antoinette


Salmon ricotta shortbread, yuzu mustard, salmon roe and dill

Butternut quiche, Comté AOP 18 months and porcini powder

Club Rostello ham, truffled burrata cream and pistachio

Leek bite with mimosa vinaigrette, pickled onions

Feta tartlet, peas, mint, lemon and pine nuts

Goat speck involtini bite, crushed tomato and basil

Mozzarella shortbread, piquillo pepper cream and pesto

Foie gras toast, mango-apricot chutney and chai spices


Hot Assortment


Saffron aioli, cod fillet, vegetable gardener and tarragon gremolata

Toulouse sausage, mashed potatoes, strong port juice and mustard pickles

Cannelloni au gratin stuffed with parmesan, ricotta, spinach, mint and pine nuts, tomato basil sauce

Risotto with shellfish bisque and mascarpone, prawns sautéed with garlic and parsley, parmesan shavings

Stewed lamb with rosemary, carrot mousseline, peas and strong lamb juice

Shredded duck parmentier, mashed potatoes, béchamel gratin with Comté AOP 18 months

Slow-cooked chicken thigh, creamy yellow wine and porcini mushroom sauce, celery mousseline

Stuffed cabbage, vegetarian forest stuffing with wild rice, mushrooms and chestnuts, vegetable juice

Puy salted lentils, Savoie diot, pickled carrot and whole-grain mustard

Perfect egg, truffled meurette sauce, button mushrooms, roasted celery and small croutons

Scallops, butternut mousseline, leeks, white butter sauce

Sweet Assortment

Mont-Blanc shortbread, meringue and chestnut cream

Orange blossom madeleine and pistachio pieces

Gianduja feuillantine bite and hazelnut pieces

Lemon meringue tart, lemon curd, lemon passion

Blueberry almond shortbread and whipped cream

Apple ginger cinnamon crumble bite

Dark chocolate candied orange tartlet

Rocher roasted coconut and lime zest

Lyonnaise tartlet with pink praline

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Merci pour votre envoi !

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